You’re ready to finally get some window dressings to complete the look of your interior, but what type should you choose? It can be challenging to choose the right window covering if you’re not familiar with the products on offer. From vertical blinds, aluminium venetians, shutters to sheer curtains, blockout curtains, and roman blinds…the list of window treatments readily available in Perth is huge. We’ve broken down the three main types of window coverings to help you decide.

Vision Décor Blinds

Blinds are classified as ‘hard’ window coverings. Typically, they feature slats or vanes and are operated via a manual pull cord or chain.

Why buy blinds for your windows?

Blinds offer a good level of light, views, and privacy control. Venetians and vertical blinds are functional and durable, making them ideal for kitchens and living rooms. Roller blinds or Roman blinds offer excellent privacy, making them a good choice for bedrooms.

Easy to clean, simply dust the slats/panels, then wipe them down with a damp cloth*.

Vision Décor Curtains

Curtains have to ability to make a dramatic statement in any room. From long swathes of fabric to pared-back contemporary designs, curtains are a classic choice. They add softness and comfort while blocking light, reducing glare, and protecting your privacy. Curtains are ideal for bedrooms and living areas.

Why buy curtains for your windows?

Curtains add luxury to any window, and our range of beautiful sheer curtains allows a gentle, soft light to enter any room. They are fantastic for layering with blinds or other curtains. Blackout curtains block light when fully drawn, provide UV protection, and are better insulators than sheer curtains.

Vision Décor Shutters

Shutters are a sturdy and beautiful style of window treatment. These are perfect for those who love Hampton’s style of home décor. By rotating the louvres, you can control how much light is let in and in which direction it shines.

We offer different types of shutters: Basswood, PVC and Aluminium. Aluminum shutters are durable, easy to clean, and mould resistant, making them ideal for outdoor areas. Traditionally plantation shutters are made from basswood which can be used throughout the home but not for use in wet areas, that’s where our modern range in PVC comes into play. PVC is perfect for wet areas and we can match in our basswood and PVC shutters so they look seamless throughout the home.

Why buy shutters for your windows?

You can put shutters on any window in your home to create privacy and shade while adding style and sophistication. Our range of exquisite modern designs perfect for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Choose Vision Décor window coverings

Here at Vision Décor, our expert team is passionate about all things interior décor – from timber and aluminium Venetian blinds to café blindswallpaper, and laminate flooring.

We strive to find the perfect window dressings for every customer, so come and visit our showroom or get in touch today.