Roman/Californian blinds

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Roman Blinds consist of a single panel that lays flat and unbroken when extended, and pulls up into a series of neat, horizontal pleats when drawn. They allow you to easily customise the amount of privacy you prefer and light you’d like to block.

What styles are available? Romans come in a wide variety of blind styles to accommodate your current décor, from casual flat pleats to classic weaves to those featuring dramatic coloured prints. There are shades in every colour for you to choose from, so determine what will work best for your décor and how much light you want to diffuse. If you prefer to have light-blocking blinds, opt for an opaque colour; if you’d rather let some light filter through, go for sheer roman blinds.

Choose from relaxed or constructed supports for your blinds.

  • Relaxed – The fabric can sag lightly under its own weight as it doesn’t have rigid supports.
  • Constructed – Straight-edged bottom due to sewn in rods to give it strong geometric lines.

Fabric and colour opacity will determine how much light you want, less light will be able to filter through the opaque fabrics, and you can block light entirely using a blockout fabric.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, California blinds are a great option. Made from a range of fabrics with exposed timber across each panel, the combination makes Californian blinds perfect for casual living areas.

Sheer Roman Blinds

Blockout Roman Blinds

Insulating Roman Blinds

Custom Roman Blinds

Durability & Maintenance

Roman blinds are decorative, but this economical design also ensures that they are simple to use while remaining functional and reliable. Roman Blinds will stand the test of time because they aren’t made up of many different parts and are difficult to damage.

They’re energy efficient as they reduce the amount of heat that escapes through windows, which makes Roman blinds excellent insulators.

Roman blinds can be vacuumed, easily wiped down or dry cleaned. Good quality fabric will ensure the durability of the blind, however, it is best to refer to the care instructions when looking to clean any window treatments.

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