All window coverings can add value to your home, here at Vision Décor, we are passionate about supplying and installing the perfect window coverings for our clients, from internal curtains and blinds to outdoor café blinds. But why are curtains so important?


Read on to learn more about curtains and why it is worth investing in them.


Why choose curtains?

Curtains are a fabulous choice for internal window coverings and offer four main benefits. They add luxury and style to your home, with colours and designs available to suit all interiors. They work hard to block out draughts, offer blackout options, and keep the increased insulation in the heat during colder months.


Benefit 1: Increases privacy and security

The ability to draw curtains closed and keep out prying eyes adds privacy to any home. This added barrier, though seemingly flimsy, creates a feeling of safety and adds to the security of your home. If you have a ground floor window overlooked by neighbours, sheer curtains give you the ability to go about your daily business without your neighbours seeing.


Benefit 2: Blackout options

Blackout curtains create restful bedroom environments, encourage a full, deep sleep. They also keep out the harsh summer sun, stopping damaging UV rays from fading your furniture and carpet.


Benefit 3: Insulation

Curtains function as great insulators against draughts. As up to 50% of heat loss happens through windows, good quality curtains will hold the heat in and help lower your heating bills.


Benefit 4: Customise your style

As you can customise the fabric, colour, and style of your curtains, you can easily match them to the overall aesthetic of your home. You can use them as a feature in a room or choose a minimalist design to highlight other special features. Curtains are versatile and functional, and we absolutely love them.

When matching your curtain design to the rest of the room, match colours within the fabric to other accessories and soft furnishings, such as a rug or cushions. Matching your bedding to your curtains creates a feeling of design know-how as well as being comforting.


Whether you want the ultimate functional creation or simply want to enhance your home’s design, curtains are an easy and impactful solution.


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