Budget Channel Blinds

protect your outdoor area from the elements without breaking the bank

Vision Decor offer a range of outdoor channel blinds in Perth options for all styles and budgets.

budget Channel Blinds From Vision Decor offer you a durable, attractive outdoor Shading Solution At an affordable price point.

Side channeling  & crank gearbox operation

Pocket and rod base with lock in pins

Channel blinds range from Mesh or PVC

Good energy level (No ropes and pulleys)

Care & Maintenance

The simple side channel and durable nature of mesh or PVC fabrics means taking care of your channel blinds is easy. Follow the steps below to ensure they stay in great shape:

  1. Keep your blinds unrolled as much as possible, helping them keep their shape and ensuring they sit flat.
  2. If heavy winds are expected, roll the blinds up for their protection and your safety.
  3. When the blinds get wet, allow them to dry out fully before rolling up.
  4. Clear any debris or build-up from the side channel area, to allow the blinds to move smoothly up and down.
  5. Regularly dust away dirt, leaf matter, bird droppings or similar materials; clean affected areas with water and a soft cloth, using a mild, clear detergent if there are any stubborn marks.

Our Process


If you’re building your dream home, doing a renovation or simply have an outdoor area needing channel blinds, then drop in for a consultation.


Our consultants are experienced and knowledgeable and will work with you to get you the product and price that is right for you. With extensive experience in the blinds industry, our team of knowledgeable consultants will find the right product at the right price for you.


The quality of our products is guaranteed, thanks to our on-site fabrication and our fitters who are quick, clean and work to your measurements.

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