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What choose aluminium shutters?

Polished, functional and modern, aluminium shutters are an incredibly flexible shade option. Not to be confused with plantation shutters, they are suitable for interior and exterior use.

Aluminium shutters are made to measure in the style of your choice and are a sophisticated alternative to aluminium grilles for your windows and doorways. Aluminium shutters aren’t just restricted to windows and doorways – you can also have shutters fitted outside in areas such as the porch or patio.

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Features and benefits of aluminium shutters

The variety of colours and finishes available mean that you can choose the perfect option for your room’s decor. Ideal for many places in the home, from living spaces to bedrooms and studies, aluminium blinds look orderly.

Aluminum Venetians can provide varying degrees of privacy depending on their setting, allowing light in without full visibility. Some of the most popular colour options include white or metallic shades for a sleek, contemporary appearance;

Lightweight and durable

Aluminium is a sturdy yet a lightweight option that will last a lifetime. Once you’ve invested, you can rely on aluminium shutters to add value to your home or commercial property for years to come. Aluminium is strong, lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

For interior and exterior use

Due to the flexibility of the material, aluminium-based blinds are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can withstand the elements.

Save money on energy bills

Interior aluminium shutters are great at insulating the home and can save you money on energy bills. Keep your home hot or cool depending on the season by adjusting the slats to open or close.

Improve privacy across the property

Aluminium shutters can be used inside or outside – have them installed anywhere around the property to increase privacy – windows, doors or patios. Increase security by using aluminium shutters as window treatments.

Keep the light in or out

Like other window treatments, aluminium shutters are the perfect option to install to keep the light in or to black out your space. With Perth’s early summer sunrises, you can assure that aluminium shutters will keep the sun out till you decide to let the light in.

Use as alternative dividers

If you are considering creating more space in your home or office use aluminium shutters as dividers in or outside of the property to create additional pockets of space.


Aluminium shutters require little to no maintenance. When cleaning is needed, all you need to do is wipe down your shutters with a damp cloth.



Costs will vary based on the type of aluminium shutters, colours and size of the shutters for your project. Vision Décor offer a free measure and quote service for an accurate costing.


Why Choose Vision Decor?

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the best shutter solutions for their needs.

  • Offering tailormade services
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  • Large in-house stocks & short waiting period
  • Most products made on-site in Perth
  • The best available quality
  • Unsurpassed customer service
  • Prompt delivery and fitting
  • Extensive product knowledge

Our Process


If you are building your dream home or giving a space a makeover, the vision team can help you reach your design decisions with tailormade advice.


We take in all specifications and the overall design of your space based on your personal preference on colour, style and maintenance. Giving you the best possible outcome.


Our installation experts will measure and ensure your custom shutter blinds are fitted to perfection.

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