Plantation Shutters Perth

Embellish your home with exquisite European style shutters

Vision Decor have a range of plantation shutters

to shade your home and compliment your decor

Timeless shutters to suit all styles


Plantation shutters are modern indoor blinds that are incredibly energy efficient. Exquisite wood and PVC boards allow light to seep in and out with a simple adjustment.

Plantation shutters are the perfect finish for a classic European look and feel.

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What are plantation shutters made of?

Traditionally plantation shutters are made from basswood. To add more versatility, modern ranges of plantation shutters also include synthetic PVC shutters.

At Vision Décor we offer a full stock of shutter options including Basswood shutters and PVC (vinyl) shutters.

Basswood window shutters

Ideal for indoor applications, these elongated, European style interior plantation wood shutters are made from solid basswood.

Basswood timber shutters offer a classic décor option and come in hinged, sliding, and bi-folding styles. While white basswood is the most popular option, timber shutters are available in a multitude of colours.

PVC (Vinyl) Window Shutters

Also known as vinyl shutters, PVC shutters are ideal for indoor applications.

This durable, long lasting PVC material is also used for building solid fixtures like statues and decorative furniture.

Benefits of plantation shutters

Energy efficient

Save on energy bills during the cooler winter months and the warm summers in Perth –  window shutters can keep the elements in or out.

Blocks light

Open or close your shutters to tailor the exact amount of light to trickle in or seal out.

Keeps out heat

With light comes heat – keep your home cool by closing the shutters.

Improves Privacy

Improve your privacy with plantation shutters by installing them on your windows and doorways. They’ll keep out unwelcome eyes and look beautiful at the same time.

Use as an alternative to room dividers

If you are considering creating more space in the home or office, plantation shutters are great fixtures that give versatility and privacy to any space.



Plantation shutters are some of the easiest window treatments to maintain; with a bit of dusting these versatile shutters should last for years to come.

If you are someone who likes to keep everything clean on a regular basis, dust the shutters on your cleaning days.

For those of us who don’t like to clean, give your shutters a once over with a damp cloth when dust is visible. If you want to give shutters a thorough clean, all that is required is a wet rag to run through each slat and let dry.


Every project will have varying costs based on type of plantation shutters, colours and size of shutter you choose. Vision Décor offers a free measure and quote service for an accurate costing. Contact us today to arrange your measure and quote.

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Why Choose Vision Decor?

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the shutter solutions they require:

  • Tailormade services
  • More than competitive prices
  • Large in-house stocks and short waiting periods
  • Most products made on-site
  • The best available quality
  • Unsurpassed customer service
  • Prompt delivery/fitting
  • Extensive product knowledge

Our Process


If you are building your dream home or giving a space a makeover, the Vision team can help you reach your design decisions with tailormade advice.


We take in all specifications and the overall design of your space based on your personal preference on colour, style and maintenance. Giving you the best possible outcome.


Our installation experts will measure and ensure your custom shutters are fitted to perfection.

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