You have decided to purchase some Ziptrak® outdoor blinds, but how do you install them? Ziptrak® blinds operate smoothly, gliding effortlessly and without resistance along their vertical tracks. However, they must be installed by a trained professional. So, while they may not allow a DIY installation and removal option, there are several points to keep in mind once they are in place. We created this list of tips and tricks about how to get the best out of your new Ziptrak® blinds.

How do you install Ziptrak® blinds?

Your supplier will install your Ziptrak® blinds for you – Vision Décor has lots of experience with blind installation, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Read on to learn more about Ziptrak®

How do you operate Ziptrak® blinds?

If your blinds are hand-operated manual (spring-balanced), remember to operate them from the centre to ensure the material rolls evenly onto the top tube.

If you have motorised Ziptrak® blinds, ensure you supervise them while moving and don’t operate them in high winds. If it’s windy, either fully retract the blinds onto the top tube or pop them down and lock them at the bottom. Fully retract your Ziptrak® blinds onto the top tube during extreme weather events.

Avoid rolling up blinds if they are wet or have condensation on the surface or mould may form and if the blind is difficult to operate for no apparent reason, please contact your installer.

How do you clean your blinds?

Regular cleaning of your Ziptrak® blinds will help keep them in good condition and is essential for maintenance. We recommend you clean the blind with a soft cloth and soapy water, allowing them to dry thoroughly before rolling up.

PVC is susceptible to scratching, so treat the surface with care and dry with a cloth for the best cleaning results.

To keep your blind in top condition:

  • Avoid the following, detergents, cleaning fluids, soaps, insecticides, or garden sprays.
  • Avoid using bore water to clean the material and keep bore water sprinkler systems away from the blind.
  • Don’t allow petrochemicals, solvents, or window cleaning detergents to touch the blind surface, and never use a high-pressure hose to clean the blind.
  • If you see bird droppings, dirt or stains, wipe them off quickly.

Spare Parts

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds should last for years. If a part of your blind breaks, or if you need help with Ziptrak® blind removal please contact your retailer Vision Decor.

Why choose Vision Décor for your Ziptrak® Blinds?

We offer an extensive collection of outdoor awnings and blinds in Perth. With extensive experience creating, measuring, and fitting all kinds of outdoor blinds including, café blinds, patio blinds, , and Ziptrak blinds, sit back and leave the installation to the pros.

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