What Are Zitrak Blinds?


Ziptrak blinds give you the ultimate protection so you can comfortably entertain guests on your patio all year round or simply convert your outdoor space into a comfy nook.


The best bit about Ziptrak blinds is that they are easy to use, just pull them down when it rains or when the hot sun is shining in the middle of the day for ultimate comfort.

What Are The Benefit Of Ziptrak Blinds?


No matter what you need blinds for, Ziptrak blinds will help you achieve your goals.


Take your pick between either clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or choose screen fabric that protects against all the weather can throw at you without obstructing airflow.


Cut out the hot sun, glare and wind with a Ziptrak shade mesh style blind. You may even notice a 10-degree difference in temperature after your mesh style blinds have been installed.


For those well-shaded areas, PVC plastic is more suitable and will give you maximum light in those cooler months while acting as a barrier from the wind, rain and hail.


How Long Ziptrak Blinds Last?


This will mostly depend on where your blinds are positioned. In the sunniest positions expect 15 years and even longer for those parts not fully exposed to the sun.


But, at the end of the day the longevity of your blinds really comes down to some tender loving care.


Take a look at our easy care and maintenance tips below to keep your blinds in pristine condition so they last for years to come.



Ziptrak Blinds Proper Cleaning


Cleaning blinds doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and laborious task, it’s actually surprisingly simple if you follow these tips.


For shade mesh blinds:

You can clean mesh blinds with a soft brush broom and a gentle hose down or wipe down with a damp soft cloth. The good thing with mesh blinds is you won’t need to clean them too often, if you move them up and down regularly as this actually ends up shaking most of the dust off.


For PVC plastic blinds:

For PVC blinds, your best bet is to clean them with a recommended cleaning agent. We recommend you try Swiftee, an outdoor blind cleaner compatible for both mesh and PVC. Just be careful when cleaning PVC, as its surface is highly sensitive to scratching.


To continue to keep your Ziptrak blinds in tip top condition, make sure you follow these easy-care tips to ensure your blinds are ready for anything life throws at them.


Care Tips and Maintenance


  • Add a lubricant for continued smooth operations of the blinds once a year
  • Do not use any oil-based lubricants
  • Make sure you lower the ziptrakblinds to the ground before you apply the lubricant
  • At least four times a year, spline tapes and tacks should be washed water, with clear Silicone Spray to be applied
  • Avoid using bore water to clean the blind
  • Do not leave blinds down during inclement weather, storms or excessive winds as this may damage or tear the fabrics


If you’re stuck on choosing the best cleaning agent, one of our trusted professionals are ready to assist you on what cleaning agent will best suit your blinds. Give us a call today.