Next year promises to bring us some exciting new trends in curtain style. As with many aspects of home décor, we predict a move towards simple, stripped-back designs and neutral colors that create a stylish and functional window treatment. Read on to learn more about curtain trends for 2022 and get inspired.

TREND 1: Minimalism

Minimalism continues to trend into 2022, and it’s not hard to see why. Stripped back furnishings in neutral colours add class and sophistication to any room. If you love minimalism too, consider the following to achieve a minimalist look:

  • Simplicity: choose simple pared-back fabric designs
  • Functionality: opt for curtains that are functional without added swoops and swirls of extra fabric
  • Neutrality: choose neutral colors, such as grey, beige, or classic white, but don’t rule out soft blues or greens.

TREND 2: Nature-inspired

Celebrating the beauty of nature is a big trend for 2022. The move towards sustainability and environmental responsibility will see fair-use fabrics such as organic linen featuring textured, open weaves. The play of natural fibers against wooden elements and carefully selected indoor plants in a room breathe life into internal spaces. This year, nature, and all things raw and organic remain part of the leading interior trends, with vegetable-based fibers and raw materials being essential. The connection to the outside world runs so deep it is unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

TREND 3: Provence style

For those who love romance, take a moment and appreciate the 2022 trend towards fairy-tale interiors and the look of Provence. Choose big, bold fabric choices; think velvet with tassels that encapsulate the beauty and romance of France. The lambrequin is the fabric you see draped across the top of a set of curtains, and they are available in four main styles:

  • Swag – layers of soft fabric gently laid in semicircular drapes
  • Jabot (De Jabot) – this looks like a tie and is often used to complement a swag
  • Bando – a hard, smooth lambrequin, often featuring a smooth, serrated, or wavy edge
  • Cascade – a wavy drapery that falls obliquely across the pelmet.


TREND 4: Include new cultural elements

Another 2022 trend is to include designs elements from different cultures in your curtain window dressings. Add Japanese touches with a satin embroidered fabric for your curtains and match with bamboo elements in the room.

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