Natural light in your home is beautiful, except when you want to sleep or have some privacy. Curtains are an excellent option for adding style, keeping out the sun, and getting privacy. But how do you choose the right curtains for your home?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of the process for you. Read on for our quick guide on how to choose the best curtains for your house.


Step One: Curtain length

Length is one of the most significant factors to consider when you’re choosing curtains. Off the rack, shop-bought curtains often come in standard sizes, which can be a problem if your house has custom-made windows. The length you choose will depend on the height of your windows and ceilings and the look you’re trying to achieve. We can assist with choosing the right curtain length for you.


Step Two: Curtain Type

When you’re shopping for curtains, it can be confusing trying to decide which style is right for you. Here are the common types:

  • Tier – cover just a portion of the window.
  • Apron – hang just below the bottom of the window.
  • Floor – reach down to the floor.
  • Puddle –reach the floor with some remaining fabric puddling at the bottom.


Step Three: Curtain Fabric

Curtains come in various fabrics and colours, meaning they can be made to match your existing décor perfectly. When choosing your material, consider the amount of light they allow in.

  • If you want lots of light, go with sheer or cotton fabrics.
  • If you are after a minimal amount light, opt for linen curtains with a textured weave.
  • If you want very limited light or mostly blocked out, choose a heavier block-out fabric.


Step Four: Curtain Hardware

Lastly, you need to select the hardware. Curtain hardware includes the rod and finial and tieback hooks if you would like them. There are plenty of choices regarding hardware material. Popular options include brass, brushed nickel, polished nickel, and antique bronze. If you decide to use curtain tiebacks or holders, we recommend choosing the same material as your rod.


What if Your Windows Already Have Existing Coverings?

It’s common to pair curtains over existing coverings like shades or blinds. Choose complimentary colours and avoid clashing prints. The right curtains can add an extra level of style and sophistication to your home. Follow the steps above to choose curtains that you love – then all you need to worry about is how to hang your curtains.


Choose Vision Décor for your curtains in Perth

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