Security doors do more than just keep your home, office, and belongings safe. Although security screens and doors are designed to protect your home from intruders, they also offer other benefits, from making your home function more efficiently to reducing your energy bills.

As Perth security screens experts, the team at Vision Decor thought we’d outline the extra benefits security screens, and doors offer your home (or office). You may also want to check ultimate buying guide here.


Turn up natural internal light

Often, our happy customers tell us how impressed they are with the extra light flooding into their home or office. Depending on the security screen design and features, they allow natural light to come in during the day, brightening living spaces without compromising security.


Turn down your energy costs

Security screens allow you to leave your doors and windows open during the warm summer months, allowing the sea breeze to flow through the house while still ensuring your property is safe from intruders. This can help reduce your energy bills, as you’ll be turning the air conditioning on less frequently.

Even better, depending on their design and function, security screens can help keep your home warmer during the cooler months, with some screens having extra layers of steel to help insulate doors and windows, preventing heat loss.


Turn up the value of your home

Everyone wants to live and work in a safe and secure environment. And people are willing to pay extra to achieve that safety. If you have security screens or doors installed, your property is likely to be more desirable, increasing its intrinsic value.


Turn down replacement and maintenance costs

Our range of security doors and screens in Perth has excellent lifespans. They’re designed to last years (even decades), meaning the value they add to your home will increase over time.


Turn down the bugs and insects

Security doors and windows can also keep bugs and insects from getting in and annoying you. Depending on your specific needs, Vision Décor’s security screens and doors in Perth can be fitted with bug seals and insect screens that will effectively keep pests from entering your living space. This will let you enjoy the fresh air without worrying about mozzie bites or worse.


Turn up the savings on your insurance policy

One of the first questions your insurance company will ask you when you call them is whether your property has locks on all the windows and security doors or screens. If you say yes, you are likely to get a much better deal on your insurance policy. And remember, when you have your new Vision Décor security screens or doors installed, call your insurance provider and update your details. We’re sure you’ll be happy with the savings.


Why choose Vision Décor for your security screens and doors in Perth?

It’s easy to see why so many homeowners call us here at Vision Décor to ask about our security doors and screens – the extra benefits are just so fantastic. We’ve partnered with Bonds security to offer a wide range of security doors, including standard security doors and premium design security doors.

We’ll install security doors and screens in a few hours to ensure your home is fully protected. Give us a call today for an obligation-free quote.