Security doors are the first line of defence for your home. Not only are security doors a covert way to protect your home, they offer many benefits that other security systems don’t.

But there’s more to consider than just looking good – before buying security products, we recommend you review the following factors as your buying criteria. The worst thing that can happen is to buy a door that you think is the bee’s knees then realise it’s not a good fit.  The best security doors are weather-resistant, a great style match, have thief-proof locking systems, and adhere to the Australian safety standards.

This ultimate guide takes a look at the standards you should consider along with frame, infills, grilles, locks, hinges, and custom design, alongside other important aspects like protection from corrosion, company reputation, and fire safety.

So, let’s begin! Here are the top things to inspect when a choosing security door.


Check Safety Standards

According to the Australian security door standards AS5039-2008 along with the installation standard AS5040, there is a minimum-security requirement. Australia has really strict minimum standards so make sure you do your research and ensure that the doors aren’t just stopping bugs. They should be strong enough to keep out all intruders, from bugs to pests to human burglars.

Learn more on the AS5040 here.


Frame Yourself

Frames are the base structure of all security doors so getting the right frames is pretty important. You can choose from aluminium or steel, ask the seller if the doors have an anti-corrosion seal compliant with the Australian standard


Fill the Gaps

Australia has a reputation for hosting some of the world’s craziest creepy crawlies, so it’s important to not leave any gaps for these creatures to enter the home.

Especially with the warm weather we are getting, make sure you find a security door with tight seals. Promesh security doors have strong stainless-steel mesh screens and are available in a multitude of powder coated colours.


Get the Grilles

Not to be confused with grills like the one on your deck, grilles come in a few different shapes. The most popular shape is diamond cut outs, which is the sturdiest in the market due to its structure and visually intimidating look.

Australians have used diamond grilles for decades, but unlike the grilles your grandparents had, your security doors can now have stainless steel infills. Grilles add an extra element of security to the property. Gridloc has great diamond grilles that are rated highly by homeowners.


Lock it in

Locking systems have evolved over time, and modern-day locking systems offer second-to-none protection from unwelcome guests. You can choose to install a security door with no locks, or with single, double or triple locking systems. Each of the locking options will offer trusted and tested security.

The locking system you choose (single, double and triple) can depend on your key preference – how many keys do you want to deal with to get inside or get out?


Find Hearty Hinges

Security doors generally should come with at least 3 hinges to ensure full security. Hinges that are welded offer more protection than those that are pressed.


Customise the Design

Ensure that your door will perfectly fit your entrance. Companies like Vision Décor offer the measure and cut service – an experienced team member will come to your home or business to measure your door frames, so you’ll get a flawlessly fitting product every time.


Cut the Corrosion

Corrosion of your security door can occur depending on the location of the property. If you live by the coast, there is a higher chance that metals in your property are more prone to rust, so be wise and choose metals that are corrosion resistant. Aluminium is more rust-resistant than steel, with new technology making it possible to easily find coated metals that are corrosion proof.


Consider the Cost

Cost can differ based on the type of metals and designs you choose to go with. Types of doors include aluminium perforated sheet, decorative doors, and steel.


Structural grade aluminium perforated sheet

Perforated sheets are non-corrosive and have been around for a long time with the range starting from $700 AUD.


Decorative design

Decorative designs are a great option that is price sensitive based on the cut and custom design of the door.



Standard steel is the cheapest out of the four with products starting from $300AUD

Stainless steel, however, sits on the more expensive end of the spectrum, starting from $800 AUD and up.



Starting from $250, these upgrades from a flyscreen can offer protection for a long time and are super cost effective.

Security doors and window selections should primarily be based on their safety features, this can be as simple as protecting your home from insects but also consider corrosion proofing, weathering, fire safety and safeguarding your family and belongings from unwanted intruders.


What’s Next?

Vision Décor stocks a large range of decorative, steel and aluminium steel screen doors and windows from renowned brands. Now you can shop for security doors and windows from one place. With a free measure and quote, you’ve got nothing to lose. So, what are you waiting for?

Our showroom is conveniently located if you want to have a browse of your security door options.

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