What Are Window Shutters?


Is your home ready to take on the summer heat and entertain in style, why not start with some new window shutters?


Window shutters can really add a touch of elegance and practicality to any home, whether it be the bedroom, living room or even the kitchen.


There are many choices, pick any colour you can dream of with the option of selecting a custom colour Or simply pick from our massive range of colours. You can also choose polystyrene shutters which are great for wet areas, basswood which we suggest throughout the home or aluminium shutters which are predominantly used outdoors. The options are endless with shutters you can even choose how your shutters operates and even the style of frame.


Different Types Of Window Shutters


When buying window shutters, it’s vital you pick the right one that will fit your home and living style.


Take a look at the different types below and take your pick.


Looking for something more low profile with a similar appearance to kitchen cabinets, Raised Panels will blend well with almost any room in your home.


Add some rustic character with Board and Batten (BnB), a simple shutter design but packed with a whole lot of heart. These shutters go best with Mediterranean or French Country homes.


Louvered Shutters will brighten any room in an instant, the angled slats allow air and light to seamlessly pass through and brighten your home. A more defined look than a Raised Panel, these shutters will shine in ornate, classical or casual homes.


If your opting for a wooden shutter, Basswood is currently the most popular option. It’s very light and flexible persona can be painted or stained to suit any room. The only downside is theyaren’t moisture resistant.


If you want something similar, Synthetic Foam Shutters or polystyrene are your answer. It’s wooden appearance and excellent insulating qualities makes for an enduring shutter. A bit heavier than wood, they can’t be stained and are a top option when it comes to synthetic shutters.


Different Window Shutter Styles


The thought of sifting through endless brochures to find the perfect window shutter style for your home is exhausting.


We’ve just made it a whole lot easier for you, just pick what functionality you need and we have the ideal shutter style for you.


Are you looking for more privacy but still want a natural open living space?


The ease of café style shutters means they can be easily rotated to control the amount of light in the room. These are perfect if you live on a busy street, giving you all the privacy you need without going out of fashion.


Want a shutter style that won’t ever go out of style?


The timeless design of a full-height style shutter will grow with your home and never tire. Fitting your entire window, these sophisticated shutters will easily block or allow light into your room while the panels give you privacy.


Do you want more control over how much privacy you allow in your home?


Tier-on-Tier shutters allow for flexibility while creating a focal point in any room. Their functional design means you can keep the top panels open and let the fresh air flow through while keeping the bottom closed for your privacy.


Want something contemporary but feasible?


Tracked shutters are the perfect modern design for patio doors, large windows and doors, they will charmingly dress any room with a traditional and luxurious ambience.


From modern shutters attached to the window or cost-effective room partitions, tracked shutters are your answer. They can also be easily opened to create a dynamic and versatile living space.



Why You Need A Window Shutter At Your Home


Window shutters can be used for a number of different purposes, but there a few things to think about before deciding if you need shutters for your home.


When picking the right shutter material and style you need to consider the look, your budget and the room your furnishing.


First, take a look at the style and layout of your windows. It’s important you choose shutters that flatter your windows shape, many can be fitted to any shaped window, even circular and triangular spaces. It’s time to make those inconvenient windows a focal point not a nuisance to dress.


Just remember, shutters don’t need to be boring, inject personality and confidence with a pop of colour.


Colourful plantation shutters can make those smaller spaces feel bigger combine them with a matching colour on the surrounding walls to radiate a seamless yet coordinated feel.


Our friendly and experienced team at Vision Décor can happily guide you in the right direction, get in touch today. We offer in home obligation-free measures and quotes, so you get the right advice. Give us a call today.