Winter can be a time ubiquitous with break-in’s, don’t be left in the dark and make sure your home is secure as possible.

Security doors, screens and windows are a must when it comes to securing your home.

It may seem obvious, but your front door and windows are common points of entry for burglars. Don’t make your home an easy-target simply because your windows and doors were not secure.

Nobody wants their home targeted by a burglar, experiencing a break-in is traumatizing but there are ways you can prevent your home or business becoming a sitting-duck.

The first step is to get inside the mind of a burglar.

Why A Burglar May Pick Your Home Or Business?

Burglars are smarter than you think, they will often be eyeing off your property many days before they plan on intruding. There are a couple of things they look for before deciding to set foot on your property, so it’s important to keep these in mind when protecting your home or business.

Leaving your windows and doors open regularly can be especially inviting for any potential burglar walking past your home. This will particularly be the case if your valuables are left lying around your home, your laptop, mobile and jewellery are all prime targets for criminals because they can sell them as valuable items. Leaving large sums of cash lying around your home will make your home a prime target, particularly if it’s visible from your windows and doors.

Your home isn’t the only place that can be ransacked by criminals, businesses are actually at a higher risk due to the valuables they contain. There are some qualities that can make some businesses more appealing to burglars than others, particularly those pertaining valuables and cash-heavy businesses. Those businesses that frequently open-late are often hot-spots for criminals because of the likelihood of less people being around creates an easy-target for cunning criminals.

Why You Need Security Screen Doors?

All doors in your home should really have a security screen. A quality security screen door is the best way to keep your loved ones safe and intruders out. The last thing you want is a burglar entering your house and grabbing your child or stealing your pet is probably your worst nightmare and this is where durable security doors will provide that second barrier of protection.

These heavy-duty security doors will also give you the peace of mind and a second barrier of protection in protecting the elderly people around you from coming face-to-face with dangerous, unpredictable intruders.

At Vision Décor, we can install a range of standard and premium design security screen doors that are specially designed and customised for your home. We understand that all homes are different and no installation is the same. Our partnership with Bond Security, ensures your security screen doors will be fitted to any frame and rigorously tested and manufactured according to Australia’s stringent safety and security standards.

Keeping your house warm during winter is important not just for your comfort but also for your health and safety, which is why we can install all varieties of roller shutters to ensure your home is secure.

Your safety always remains a top priority for us, which is why our experienced Vision Décor team will ensure our resistant, long-lasting roller blinds meet the rigorous Australian quality and security standards.

Why You Should Invest In Security Windows?

They may be small, but windows are the perfect point of entry for any burglar. Installing some quality security screen windows is an essential step when it comes to protecting your home, but it’s only the first step.

Keep all your valuables, like smart devices and jewellery concealed from windows and prying eyes to deter any temptations for breaking in.

If you’re planning on going away for a holiday, this is often the perfect opportunity for burglars to invade and victimize your property. Before you leave, consider asking a neighbour to collect your mail to prevent an overflowing mailbox and set a timer for your house lights, so your home appears occupied.

If you find yourself out of the house most of the day, it’s time to start considering investing in some quality window-break sensors or image sensors, which will scare off any intruder right from the moment they move on your property.

This time of the year is when burglaries increase, so taking on these tips combined with investing in some resistant security windows will ensure you’re ready and safe.

Things You Can Do Now To Protect Your Home

We get it, buying a high-tech security fit out for your home is not what you would call a cheap exercise. Fortunately, there are some simple tips you can do that can give you the peace of mind any security system could provide without having to dig far into your pockets.

  • Use security system signage – whether you actually have a security system installed or not, surprisingly these alone can do a great deal in deterring burglars.
  • Get to know your neighbours – if you’re planning to venture on a holiday or just go out for the day, simply getting your neighbours to occasionally watch over your property will give you the ultimate peace of mind.
  • Let there be light – implementing garden lights or veranda and balcony lights can be an extra security measure, even considering motion-sensor lights can work the trick in deterring criminals.
  • Get a second opinion – this weekend, get your neighbours to give their second opinion on the safety of your home, they may notice those red flags you’ve always missed. Don’t forget to return the favour.
  • Seek security resources – keep the contact details of your local police and neighbourhood watch service on your fridge and make sure their safe in your mobile.
  • Remove hiding places – it’s time to get in the garden and trim back bushes and shrubs, as these are often the perfect hiding spots for intruders.
  • Be prepared – no matter whether you leave the house for a few minutes or hours, keep your doors and windows locked. Remember, they won’t lock themselves.

The reality is many people poorly protect their homes and businesses from these potential threats, as we often think it won’t happen us anytime soon, but this is far from the truth.

It does not need to take up your whole weekend to get your house secure, it only takes a few minutes to make sure your windows and doors are locked. The Vision Décor team can do all the hard work for you, we can install security doors and screens in a few hours to ensure your home is fully protected from any lurking intruder. Give us a call today.