There is nothing better than an Australian summer here in Perth – we’re hanging out for the picturesque blue skies, endless hours of sunshine, COVID-safe barbeques with friends and family, balmy summer nights and best of all, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.


With all the warm weather on the horizon, we bet that barbeques and alfresco areas across the country will be getting a good work out.


Your alfresco area is far more than just an outdoor space – it’s a crucial aspect of home design that allows you to enjoy the outdoors. So now, more than ever, it is important to make sure that your outdoor area is up for the task of entertaining.


As design experts, we have pulled together our top tips for getting your alfresco looking good as new.


How to Affinare your Alfresco

The term al fresco is Italian in origin and translates to “in the fresh” in English. And here in Australia, an alfresco space within our backyard allows us to enjoy the fresh air and freedom of the outdoors, all while watching over the kids playing, entertaining friends and enjoying the sunshine.


An outdoor alfresco is a great way to increase your home’s value, with more and more Australians wanting a home that offers a suitable entertaining space.


Nail the Layout

The layout of your alfresco area will make a significant difference to the appearance and functionality of the area, regardless of whether the space is small or large.


Consider aspects such as direction the sun travels over your home, particularly where it rises and sets, which layout will give you the best view and how you can make the most of the Fremantle Doctor on a hot summer afternoon.


You should also choose a configuration that best suits how you want to use the space – don’t place your dining furniture in a spot that gets full sun if you want to entertain people for lunch.


It is also important to create a seamless flow from the inside of your house to the alfresco. Position your furniture in way that draws people outdoors and makes the most of the space.



The right lighting can set the mood and atmosphere for your whole alfresco area, turning your outdoor space into a relaxing outdoor restaurant, full-of-life poolside bar or busy party central.


Opt for lighting that creates the ambience you want for your alfresco – avoid harsh fluorescent lighting that can feel clinical and instead choose a mix of downlights, wall lights and deck lighting to illuminate your alfresco area with a touch of elegance.


LED lights are also a smart investment to light up your space, as they use less energy than other lighting types and emit less heat, which will help to bring the temperature down in your alfresco area.



The weather in Perth can be crazy; unseasonal weather isn’t too out-of-the-ordinary. So if you have planned for your family to come over for a lovely summer Christmas in your alfresco area, do you have a way to change up the space if the forecast is for thunderstorms and showers instead?


If you want to be using your alfresco area year-round, whether it’s rain, hail or shine, adaptability is a crucial aspect to consider in your alfresco design.


Entertaining Furniture

The right alfresco furniture can take your alfresco area to the next level, turning your blank alfresco area into a mini oasis. Key furniture for your alfresco area includes an outdoor 8-10-seater table with sufficient chairs and an outdoor lounge.


If you already have key entertaining furniture, consider whether your outdoor chairs are comfortable for guests or if you even have enough chairs to accommodate everyone.


Roofing and Shade

In the hot, relentless Australian sun, it is crucial to have adequate shade or a roof over your alfresco area.


If you don’t haven alfresco space built onto your home, Consider the use of large, freestanding umbrellas, retractable awnings or shade sails over your outdoor space to provide some much-needed respite from the heat of the sun.


You can also use trees to shade your space or add growing vines to naturally block out the sun.


Keep Things Cool with Blinds

Cafe blinds or motorized Ziptrak blinds are a another great way to keep both your house and your alfresco cool during the warmer months.


Outdoor blinds like Ziptrak blinds allow you to enjoy the outdoors while controlling aspects such as light, arflow and temperature.


Turn your alfresco into a private retreat by closing the blinds or open them at night to enjoy the balmy temperature and breeze.


Ziptrak blinds allow you to take advantage of “BBQ weather” and cook outside, as the blinds keep the sun and bugs out while allowing the heat from the barbie to disappear.


At Vision Décor, we are a quality supplier of outdoor blinds to suit any home. We also offer free in-home measure and quotes to ensure your unique alfresco space is fitted with outdoor blinds that will last for many years to come.



Whether you have a nosey neighbour or you just want to turn your alfresco area into a private backyard retreat, privacy is an important aspect to think about.


Make your alfresco more private by adding Ziptrak blinds or consider how trees and plants can add natural screening to your backyard.


Get Your Whole Home Ready for Summer with Vision Decor

Summer is just around the corner, so now is the best time to get to work on bringing your alfresco area and your home to life.


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Our consultants are knowledgeable industry professionals that are passionate about everything interior design; we’re ready to transform your house and alfresco area into a space you’ll love coming home to.


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