2022 is almost here, so it’s time to look at what interior design style trends are making waves for the coming year. While most people tend to have a favourite interior design style, it never hurts to look at what is popular, especially if you are thinking of putting your house on the market.

Read on for the most popular interior design styles for 2022!

Hamptons Style

Classic Hamptons style never goes out of fashion. Characterised by its bright, clean and coastal feel, Hamptons is an American take on French interior design styles (Baroque, Rococo, and Empire). It infuses the interior with a relaxing coastal atmosphere into the home. People who love this style crave natural light and a feeling of calm, coastal vibes in their homes. Plantation shutters and white billowing sheer curtains in Perth embody the essence of Hampton’s style.

Hamptons 2022

Traditional elements of Hamptons style are evolving, and this will continue into 2022. Expect to see the colour palette becoming softer and including a more comprehensive range of shades. Texture is still an essential element, but there is a general shift towards having masculine finishes, such as warm, shimmery metals and aged brass. These elements create contrast against Hampton’s style laminate flooring and blinds in Perth.

Industrial Style

The industrial style is all about showcasing traditionally concealed building materials. It features a no-fuss, no-frills style featuring stripped-down architectural elements, such as bricks, metals, and wood. The Industrial style is growing in popularity among people who are into functionality as much as aesthetics.

Industrial Style in 2022

Industrial style is growing as people fall in love with the eclectic mix of modern and traditional pieces. With more people working from home than ever before, there is an emphasis on functionality – which is classic Industrial style. Classic Aluminium Venetian Blinds and panel glides fit the Industrial aesthetic.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary interior design style features clean lines, bright colours, and clever use of space. It embraces good planning, creating multi-functional spaces, allowing you to meet your lifestyle needs. Think bold décor and bright colours combined with calm rooms and relaxation areas. The beauty of contemporary style is you can choose whichever window coverings you like. From timber Venetians to traditional curtains, pick a window covering to match your home’s overall color scheme and style.

Contemporary Style in 2022

Contemporary style is constantly evolving. In 2022 you can expect to see heritage pieces set against contemporary lines for bold, appealing contrasts. Softened forms of rounded chairs, couches, and rugs bring a splash of lightness and warmth into modern design interiors for 2022.

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Giving your home décor an overhaul doesn’t have to be overwhelming; just choose a few of the interior design trends from 2022 to refresh your home’s style for the new year.

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