During 2020, we’ve significantly changed the way we spend our time and the way we interact with our homes.


We’ve spent a lot more time enjoying our homes (or picking apart what we don’t like about our homes). We’ve worked from home, we’ve been forced to isolate in our homes, and we’ve paid more attention to the things that matter.


We’ve made our own furniture and taken the time to create personal and unique décor for our homes, rather than spending our money on mass-produced pieces from large companies.


In 2021, our love affair with our homes and all things homemade, natural and upcycled will feature heavily in interior design trends.


At Vision Décor, we’ll take you through some of the top interior design trends for next year, which refreshingly, are easy to incorporate into your existing décor.


Arts and Crafts

Our advice? Get out the arts and crafts for 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought old fashioned crafts like quilting, knitting, tie-dye and ceramics into the spotlight, with families sharing the sewing machine, passing down skills and having fun doing it.


Paint your own artwork to hang on the wall, create your own coasters or tie-dye a quilt cover to bring some homely arts and crafts to your home décor.


Shop Local, Support Local

This trend is one we can see many Aussies supporting for years to come.


With huge postal delays throughout 2020 and a push to support local businesses who were hit hard by the pandemic, more people are choosing to support local makers and businesses instead of overseas businesses.


So why not check out local Perth businesses for new curtains, wall hangings, pot plants, bed linen and home furniture? Not only are you getting some unique pieces, but you’re supporting other Aussies when it matters.


Natural & Organic Textures

Home decorators and owners are craving the rustic, natural feel of materials such as wood, linen and stone over polished porcelain and man-made materials with no character.


These natural textures and materials are easy to incorporate and truly make your home feel more homely, instead of that polished display-home look.


You can also add more natural texture and greenery to your home by adding a vertical garden, a luscious potted plant or a grow-your-own vegetable and herb kit. Not only is do plants look great and improve air quality, they’re also a great way to teach kids responsibility.


Bright and Cheerful Colours

A splash of bright colour could be enough to elevate and brighten the feel of any space, which is perfect in a year where many people are experiencing hardship and could use an extra mood booster.


If you aren’t committed to renovating your kitchen with some new coloured tiles or giving a feature wall a splash of paint, you can opt to add in some more temporary changes.


It’s as easy as adding colourful pillows to your existing couch or updating your bed linen with more cheerful colours.


Ocean Hues

Here in Western Australia, our love of the beach has remained as strong as ever throughout the pandemic, so it’s no surprise that shades of blue you’ll find at South Beach in Fremantle or down at Smiths Beach in Margaret River will become a feature in 2021 interior design trends.


Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2021 is called Aegean Teal, which perfectly captures the calmness of a day at Cottesloe beach and adds a soothing, balancing hue. You could incorporate this colour into a feature wall or add it to a woodwork or cabinetry project.


Alternatively, why not take a picture of your favourite beach, get it printed, apply a natural wood frame and voila – you have a personal piece of home décor that ticks off a number of 2021’s interior design trends.


Vintage Is In

This trend ties into some of the others, particularly the upcycling and natural texture trends, and is a great choice for those who love to salvage older furniture, do a bit of op-shopping or those who’ve inherited furniture from older family members.


To make the most of this trend, you don’t need to fill your whole home with vintage and retro pieces – pick some furniture and pieces that reflect your own personality, or find a piece that has a brilliant story behind it to add an extra touch to your décor.


We love vintage pieces because they add character to your home, are kinder to the environment and also provide a simple reminder that fast furniture isn’t always the best.



The idea of turning trash to treasure is nothing new, but how about giving a worn piece of furniture a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint?


In 2021, we expect to see savvy homeowners and renters turning to garage sales, Facebook marketplace and Gumtree to find cheap furniture, before giving the furniture a little TLC, sandpaper and paint to create something even better!


Think about all the possibilities!

  • Turn a broken and stained old arm chair into a piece that makes a statement.
  • Sand back that dark stained dresser and give it a Scandi wood look.
  • Take a few regular pallets and transform them into a patio table and chairs.
  • Give a boring study desk a makeover with some bright and cheerful paint.


Just make sure you snap some before and after pictures to show everyone your handywork.


Choose Vision Décor to Bring Your Home to Life

Giving your home a décor overhaul isn’t as challenging as it sounds, just choose a few of the interior design trends from 2021 to turn your house into a home.


At Vision Décor, we are on hand to help you with all your interior design and décor questions. We stock a range of stylish interior design solutions, including timber venetian blinds and stunning laminate flooring, which can transform the look and feel of your home.


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