One of the most beautiful aspects of living in Perth is the warm sunshine we experience every year. Even during the cooler months, the sun continues to shine, making your home uncomfortably hot at times. Perths sweltering heat is one of the reasons the demand for aluminium and wooden plantation shutters continues to grow.

Shutters are a fantastic way to keep the hot sun out during the day while still allowing fresh air to flow through your home – and of course, they are incredibly stylish too!

Types of shutters

Styles and materials continue to evolve from the earliest solid timber shutters to newer lightweight aluminium shutters. We love both kinds of shutters and believe each has advantages. Timber shutters are still affordable and ooze coastal Hampton’s charm, while our lightweight aluminium shutters add glamour while being extremely durable and long-lasting.

Read on to learn more about aluminium shutters.

Why choose shutters instead of curtains?

Shutters serve several purposes:

  • They keep out the sun’s heat
  • They make your home more secure
  • You can lock shutters open, securing your property while allowing airflow
  • Burglars are less likely to target a shuttered home as it takes too long to force entry.

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters offer a stylish, contemporary, and long-lasting window treatment, making them an excellent investment.


Powder-coated aluminium shutters are solid and durable. They are easy to clean and require little upkeep other than a regular wipe over with a soft, damp cloth.


One of the most significant benefits of aluminium shutters and Venetian blinds is their weight. Heavy wooden shutters can put extra pressure on fixings, especially if they aren’t professionally installed, compromising the security and integrity of the shutters over time.

Aluminium shutters are lightweight and robust, as aluminium retains its strength indefinitely, so you don’t need to worry about the integrity of the fixings once your shutters are in place.

Here are the top five reasons to buy Aluminium plantation shutters

  1. Aluminium shutters don’t warp: aluminum is a metal, meaning it will never lose shape and retain its integrity and strength for years to come.
  2. Aluminium is lightweight but extremely strong: aluminum is lighter than steel yet almost as strong as steel.
  3. Easy to clean: grab a sponge and a non-reactive cleaning, and you’re good to go.
  4. We can custom make aluminium shutters to suit any size window: with powder coat finishes, you can choose the perfect colour to complement your existing colour scheme, creating a cohesive overall look. We can also customise our shutters to fit any size window in your home.
  5. Aluminium is water-resistant: aluminum plantation shutters are resistant to water corrosion. This makes them suitable for interior and exterior wet areas.

Choose Vision Décor for your aluminium shutters in Perth

Plantation shutters from Vision Décor are an excellent window treatment option and offer amazing benefits when installed in your home.

Your local Vision Decor design expert can walk you through our aluminium plantation shutter or Venetian blind options and give you professional advice on style, colour, and texture.

Our team is passionate about interior décor – from timber and aluminium Venetian blinds to plantation shutters. Our goal is to find the perfect window dressings for every customer, so come and visit our showroom or get in touch today.