Timber Venetians

Basswood Timber

Basswood is an environmentally friendly plantation grown wood from the hardwood family. The sapwood of basswood is white or cream, while the heartwood is pale to reddish brown with darker streaks. When dry, the wood has no characteristic, odour or taste. The wood is soft and light, with a fine even texture. The vast majority of wood used for wood window blinds and shutters in America, is basswood and poplar, both domestic hardwood species. The reasons for their dominance in the wood window coverings industry is their stability and light weight. As a hardwood, basswood has no resin to bleed through the finish as softwood does. Basswood is one of the lightest hardwoods, so there are no sagging problems from excessive weight that come with other hardwoods. Lastly, basswood has virtually no warpage, which is why it is used in pianos for soundboards.  

Good & Best Timber Venetian Range

GOOD – Light Standard Polystyrene Colours The "Good" range offers you all the plain light colours that coordinate with most interior colour schemes to enhance your décor. This product will withstand heat at the window to 73° Celsius.   BEST –Jarrah Image and Cedar Image on Basswood Timber with Furniture Quality Finish The "Best" range offers you real warmth and feel of basswood timber product that will not fade to the naked eye due to its high U.V. resistant finish and will give you the opportunity to make blinds in widths up to 305cm.