Window dressings come in all shapes and forms, from slatted blinds and plantation shutters to sheer and block-out curtains, have you ever considered the visual impact of mixing the two? Read on to learn more about pairing blinds with curtains to create drama and impact in your Perth home.

Whether you are considering window treatments for your living room, bedroom, study, or bathroom, combining beautiful curtains with stylish blinds is trending this summer.

Why combine Curtains with Blinds?

By using both kinds of window treatment, you create more privacy and a visual focal point that is sophisticated, timeless, and chic. Set the mood and style for any occasion by mixing and matching the right type of blinds with a set of stunning curtains.

Block out light

If a room in your house is flooded by light during the day, a sheer blind can diffuse the glare while providing privacy. Instead of relying purely on blackout curtains to filter the light, use blinds to make a room more comfortable. Consider pairing darker curtains with light-colored shades, or match neutral tones together to create the perfect window accessory.

Complete Privacy

While made-to-measure aluminium blinds are great at controlling light, adding blackout curtains to a window will ensure complete privacy. The combination of blinds and curtains lets you have complete privacy, particularly useful in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Regulate Room Temperature

With summers in Perth guaranteeing hot temperatures, well-covered windows can help regulate room temperature, blocking the hot summer sun. During winter months, having blinds and curtains together can cut your heating bill by preventing the heat from escaping and keep the room warmer despite the low outside temperatures.

Stylish and Practical

Having curtains and blinds together is both practical and stylish. Consider muted neutral tones if your home has a beachy feel, or opt for bold, more dramatic curtain colours to make a statement.

We recommend you avoid mixing patterns with patterns – opt for a sleek, sophisticated colour palette.

Mixing Blinds and Curtains in the Same Room

Choosing a home decorating style is about finding elements that work together to make each space feel complete. From your furniture choices to the window treatments, select details that create visual interest. Here at Vision Décor, we think it’s terrific to match curtains and blinds. We encourage it! There are so many ways you can create a unique look that shows off your aesthetic and personal taste. If you need any help choosing your curtains and blinds, reach out to the Vision Décor team.

Why choose Vision Décor for your Curtains and Blinds in Perth?

Our expert team is passionate about all things interior décor – from timber and aluminium Venetian blinds to café blinds, , and  Our goal is to find the perfect window dressings for every customer, so come and visit our showroom or get in touch today.