Curtains add a finishing touch to any room’s decor. The right combination of patterns, textures and hanging styles can transform your living space, but what is the best way to hang your curtains? Read on to learn more about the different ways you can hang curtains.

How do you hang curtains?

Typically, you hang curtains on either tracks or poles.

Tracks: curtain tracks typically come in single or double layers allowing for both sheer and block-out materials. The smooth efficiency of curtain track systems makes them a popular hanging option.

Rods or Poles: rods are visible from the top of the curtain unless covered with a pelmet or valance. Curtain poles or rods come in different sizes, shapes, and designs, usually made from wood or metal. At each end of the rod you’ll find a decorative stopper or finial to prevent the curtain from slipping off the rod. When taking measurements, allow an extra 10% on each end of the pole to allow for heavier curtains.

Ways to hang Curtains

Hidden tabs: these curtains feature a series of flat loops or tabs sewn along the back of the curtain panel through which you insert the rod. The pleated appearance of hidden tabs is suitable for those looking to bypass curtain hanging hardware. Hidden tabs are great for decorative curtains that don’t open or close regularly as they can be tricky to move.

Rod Pockets: probably the most popular way to hang curtains, rod pockets are a long tube-like pocket sewn into the back of the curtain material, through which you insert the rod.

Curtain Rings: another popular choice, you use small hooks attached to rings you then slip onto the rod. Curtain rings are a durable and practical solution that allows the curtains to move quickly along the pole.

Types of curtain

Pencil Pleat: this style of pleat gathers and bunches the top of the curtain together. The neat and consistent folds resemble the size of a pencil, hence the name.

Pinch Pleat: this style is a series of three pleats sitting at the top of the curtain. Pinch pleats are kept together through fan-shaped stitches. A simple and elegant choice, pinch pleats are suitable for both poles or tracks.

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